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Location:- USA
Mandate:- Should be holding H1B Visa/or a citizen
No of Positions- 20 +
Job Description:-Must be qualified / certified and able to:
  • Install HCS (Hybrid Cable System) with supplied hoisting grips.
  • Install Tee arms or Collar mounts + Antenna poles.
  • Remove and Install Antennas, TMAís, Bias Tees where needed.
  • Test and clean fiber connections.
  • Install COVP (Combined Over Voltage Protection) enclosure at the top and bottom of the Tower.
  • Correctly install RF units (FXFB + FRIGís when available).
  • Correctly cable all fiber and Power between COVPís and RF Units.
  • Install RF Jumpers between RF units and Antennas.
  • Support daytime and nighttime cutovers and troubleshooting.