IT Security Engineer

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IT Security Engineer

Assessing an organization's existing IT infrastructure and designing secure systems, networks, and applications. This involves selecting and configuring appropriate security technologies and solutions.


Identifying potential vulnerabilities in the organization's systems, networks, and applications. Conducting penetration testing to simulate cyberattacks and evaluate the effectiveness of existing security measures.


Security Incident Response, Developing and implementing incident response plans to address security breaches or cyberattacks promptly.


Ensuring compliance with relevant security standards, performing regular security audits and assessments to identify areas of improvement and ensure adherence to security policies.


Creating and maintaining security policies, procedures, and guidelines to establish best practices for employees and stakeholders to follow.


Setting up and maintaining security monitoring systems to detect and respond to security threats in real-time.


Conducting security awareness training for employees to educate them about security risks, best practices, and how to identify potential threats like phishing attempts.


Support on implementing and managing systems for controlling user access to sensitive information and resources.


Conducting in-depth investigations into security incidents, data breaches, or cyberattacks to determine the root cause and recommend measures to prevent future occurrences.


Conducting regular vulnerability assessments and penetration testing to identify weaknesses in the company's systems and networks. Taking corrective actions to address identified vulnerabilities.


Analyzing security logs and alerts to identify potential security incidents.


Assessing the security posture of third-party vendors and suppliers that provide IT services to the telecommunication company to ensure they meet the required security standards.


Conducting risk assessments to identify and prioritize security risks and working with relevant stakeholders to develop risk mitigation strategies.


Contributing to the development and implementation of the company's security governance framework, policies, and security-related initiatives.


Participating in the development and implementation of the organization's security governance framework, ensuring that security practices align with business objectives.


Collaboration and Communication: Working closely with other IT teams, management, and stakeholders to communicate security-related risks, strategies, and initiatives effectively.


Bachelor’s degree in information technology, Computer science/Engineering or Information System.

Information security/Cybersecurity related certifications will be added values.

Strong knowledge about information security attacks and defense techniques and tool

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Position: IT Security Engineer

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