Network Rollout

Network Planning

The aim of Network Planning Services is to design a network with optimum investment from the operator while meeting the desired network key performance indicators (KPIs). We do this by working closely with our customers and keeping in mind the best utilization of existing assets.

Our hands-on experience in designing networks in the most demanding environments along with our investment in state of the art tools, resources and processes is critical in delivering end to end results in planning.

We offer services for GSM, GPRS, EDGE, CDMA, WCDMA, WIMAX LTE (4G) and 5G. We help customers not only in network design but also in expanding rapidly and cost effectively.

Our network planning services are:
  • RF Planning & Design
  • RF Cell Planning
  • Capacity Planning
  • Frequency Planning
  • Network Support Services
  • Drive Test
  • Traffic Analysis
  • Benchmarking
  • Model Tuning
  • KPI Management
  • QoS Measurements
  • Transmission Planning Services

Telecom Site construction

Innovis site construction staff is equipped with extensive experience in the construction of telecommunication structures. We offer engineering and project coordination, site surveys, full tower site construction as well as offloading, transport, and storage capabilities to meet your end to end project requirement. Our teams are uniquely equipped for the installation of towers that range from 6 m? in height to 60 m in height.

Innovis is capable of overseeing:
  • Site Permitting
  • Site Surveying
  • Site Clearing
  • RCivil Works
  • Structure Foundations
  • Tower Installation
  • Structure Deconstruction and Transport
  • Fencing
  • Power Equipment Installation ? DG, Batteries, Rectifiers
  • Electrical Works
  • Fiber Installation and Splicing

Telecom Equipment Installation and commissioning (RAN and Transmission)

Innovis provide installation and commissioning of network equipments ( 2G, 3G, LTE (4G), 5G), base transceiver station, SD-WAN, IP & MPLS, Servers, Nodes, RF, MW antennas, including all the activities needed to make a signal transmission to site operational and to function as a part of a wireless networking.

We have the capability of quick ramp up as per the requirements of the service provider/ OEMs. We have a huge pool of in-house experienced, multi-vendor and trained professionals from the telecom industry required to carry out the above-mentioned activities.

Innovis TE Services are:
  • Site Survey (TSSR, LOS) and Design
  • BBU, RRU Installation
  • RF Antenna Installation and Commissioning
  • MW Installation and Commissioning
  • ODU/IDU Installation
  • BSC/RNC Installation and Commissioning
  • Fixed Broadband Deployment
  • Packaging, Logistic and Warehousing
  • Acceptance

Inbuilding Solutions

We leverage our expertise and experience to match the best wireless solution customized for our customers unique needs . We consult , design , deploy and maintain a diverse portfolio ? Distributed Antenna System (DAS), Small cells, C-RAN /D-RAN, CBRS, wifi. We have experience of deploying more than 1000 IBS sites that include hotels, stadium, corporate campuses, airports, shopping malls.


Our team of experts provides free consultation services to our clients. We review the information our clients send to us and work closely with the clients to understand the issue and help them provide a possible turnkey solution.

Sites Survey

After the study, our engineering team conducts an inspection of the client site where the work is proposed, assessing the issues, detecting weak specific areas, and brainstorming solutions.The survey helps the team determine the exact location of the problem and will be able to provide the right product solution to the problem


From a successful survey to a series of signal testing from our expert design and analysis team, we are open to consult with the clients to select the design of the system and also provide custom wireless design to fit their needs. We have an expert team to provide full system designs or design assistance services.


After mapping out the design, the installation takes place. We will be in the process of putting the system onsite making sure we have met the requirements.
This stage involves a technical team and will take some time to complete the installation depending on the area. We ensure the quality of the materials being used following the design and that the network is up and running perfectly.
Our technical team including the project manager will oversee the installation and provide various checks on the network for efficiency and effectiveness.

Maintenance & Repair

System maintenance is very important after installation. Upon completing the project, the maintenance team will do the routine to monitor the systems remotely.
They will monitor the signal strength, performance consistency and quality throughout the life of your wireless system and focus on preventing system failure before it occurs.
If something goes wrong, Innovis support is here to help. All of our systems come with lifetime support. We have a well-trained technical support team that will help repair system issues when they happen.