Network Performance Management

In order to ensure superb customer experience, Innovis shall “proactively” identify potential areas of improvement in telecom network and services to perform corrective actions. Improvement may be multi-dimensional (in terms of customer experience KQI or network KPI or network capacity management or operation efficiency or combinations of them).

Innovis?s telecommunications network performance management proactively monitors the health of telecom networks.

Our NPM services are:

Performance & Capacity Management

  • Ensure excellent RF coverage and quality
  • Proactively ensure network KPIs across all technologies and spectrum layers
  • Proactively ensure efficient and effective utilization of existing installed base across all technology and spectrum layers

Change Management

  • Provide change implementation within RAN domain (e.g., antenna orientation, parameters, feature activation, license activation)
  • Ensure every change request is executed correctly to avoid unexpected negative impacts on KPI/KQI and to avoid any violation of parameter policies and value ranges defined by service provider

Quality and Experience Management

  • Ensure superb customer experience for web browsing, video streaming and selected popular apps
  • Achieve respective service KQI targets


  • All (2G/3G/4G/5G ), new technologies and services (e.g., VoLTE, LTE Carrier Aggregation, WTTx) that may be introduced during project duration

Customer Experience Management

  • Process and correlate data from multiple sources including probes, for monitoring, reporting and analysis of user and service level metrics.

OSS/KPI Monitoring

  • Process OSS performance counters for reporting and analysis purposes

Geo-Location Analytics

  • Process MRR user trace data for visualization and analysis of targeted indoor/outdoor locations

Self-Optimized Network(SON)

  • Centralized SON to automate specific tasks in RAN domain

Field Works

  • Conduct drive/walk tests and take improvement actions
  • Data collection
  • Analysis

Customer Complaint Management

  • To resolve customer complaints concerning network quality by identifying the root causes and taking corrective actions
  • To perform drive/walk testing and signaling trace as and when necessary, as part of the investigation process