Mission, Vision and Values

Make a difference in the lives of Our Customers, Employees and Community.

It?s a burning, never-ending desire to help our clients maximize their outcomes ? and exceed their strategic goals.
Though our goal is a bit aspirational, our values are what drive us every day.

  • vission

    Our Vision.

    We aspire to be the most reliable and valuable telecom partner. Our goal is to enrich our customer?s networks to make their business more successful by offering the highest quality and reliable support.

  • mission

    Our Mission.

    To become global leader in telecom network build and manage services.

  • values

    Our Values.

    “Customer orientation, agility, responsibility, trust, teamwork and excellence.” Our values are our compass to find the correct way. We adhere to the principles and accountability for our obligations. Our principles and policies direct the company?s mechanism to interact with colleagues, customers and companies.

Message to clients

From Our Director

Success = Vision + Passion + Execution

Kapil Sharma

Managing Director

In 2010, when SK Acharya (Co-founder of Innovis) and I decided to start Innovis, the big question in our minds was WHY? Why bring one more telecom infrastructure services company into the world where there are thousands already?

Having been part of the telecom industry in India, Asia Pacific, Latin America and North America in different leadership roles with Nokia, SK and I deeply understood the key challenge which is lack of professionalism in telecom infrastructure services industry that needed to be addressed.

Ever since founding Innovis in 2010, we have been driven by a singular passion to do things better. We also realized that things are not going to become better simply because we wish so. We need to start at the grassroots. Every employee who meets the customer or attends to a customer site must represent our passion for rock solid commitments backed by flawless execution. We do not take mediocrity lightly. Over a period of time, the leaders who got associated with us progressively brought even more of the same passion to the Innovis family.

With over 1500 employees working out of 25 countries in South East Asia, Middle East and Africa and sharing the same passion for flawless execution that we had in 2010, I can confidently say that our customers are and will continue to be in safe hands.