Diversity and Inclusion

Innovis upholds an inclusive culture, where people are valued and encouraged to realize their potential.

Our Diversity and Inclusion Philosophy

We are an ?Intentionally Diverse and Globally inclusive? Organization because we believe that if you do not intentionally include, you unintentionally exclude. Being ‘intentionally diverse? means that we ensure we practice inclusiveness in all aspects of diversity ? right from gender and sexuality to generation and ideation.

Being ?globally inclusive? refers to our workforce consisting of individuals from over 25 counties as we prioritize local talent. We appreciate differences based on age, ethnicity, race, lifestyle, and social status and have designed a series of programs, policies, and initiatives to promote cultural diversity.

Inclusion and Diversity ? What We Do

Gender Equality

Our ambition is to have a workplace where both men and women have equal opportunities to succeed in every function and at every level.

Listening to Our Employees

We run regular team sessions that allow us to hear the voice of our employees.

Health and Safety

Employees face inherent risks when installing and maintaining equipment and constructing base stations on behalf of our customers. We focus on ensuring that all our employees and partners are aware of the risks related to their jobs and receive the necessary training and equipment to work safely, whether in the office or on site. We address job-related health and safety risks through training, analysis, assessments and consequence management.


Innovis delivers a series of company tailored training programs to lift the skills of our employees

Development, Retention and Support

We identify, develop, and retain skilled employees in our business. We therefore continually develop not just our culture, but also refresh our talent management activities, performance support, and career development.