Responsible Business with Integrity

Innovis emphasizes the importance of respect for human rights, ethical behavior and environment protection. Guided by international standards and our operational experience, we work systematically to address risks and to maximise the positive impact of our business whether it be socially, environmentally, or economically.

Ethics and Anti-Corruption

Innovis has zero tolerance for corruption. Our ethical standards promote proper business practices and reflect relevant laws, regulations and internationally recognized standards.

These standards are set out in our business code of conduct, the Group Policy on Anti-Corruption other guidance and governing documents. These standards are implemented in all subsidiaries directly or indirectly controlled by Innovis. The Anti-Corruption Programme is part of Innovis?s Governance model which clearly defines roles and responsibility for the implementation of Innovis?s Anti- Corruption Compliance Programme and the integration of ethics and anticorruption considerations into all business activities.

Labour Rights and Standards

Innovis is committed to respecting labour rights principles. Innovis believes in empowering employees through management dialogue with employees. By utilizing the employees? experience and insight to influence working conditions and contribute to sustainable business growth.

Environment and Health

Innovis strives to reduce the environment and climate impact of its operations and ensure public health and safety by adhering strictly to internationally recognized frameworks.

Human Rights

We are committed to respect and support the Human Rights principles. We fundamentally believe that the services we provide are a social good that can support human rights by enabling free expression, exchange of ideas, education and economic development. Simply put, our services allow people around the world to communicate and access information and we are proud of this.