Operation and Maintenance services for Ooredoo Network- Managing sites all across Myanmar since 2014

Key Customers

Ooredoo Myanmar Limited

Ooredoo (HQ in Qatar) is a leading international communications company, with operations spanning the Middle East, North Africa and Southeast Asia. Current cumulative subscriber base of Ooredoo is 135 million. In Myanmar Ooredoo has nearly 7 million subscribers, covering PAN Myanmar region.

Irrawaddy Green Towers (IGT)

Irrawaddy Green Towers (IGT) is the largest independent tower company in Myanmar. IGT is currently rolling out telecom towers for all the major operators including Telenor, Ooredoo and MPT. As of Dec 2020, IGT has 3200+ Towers in Myanmar.


Key Objectives:

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    24*7*365 network maintenance services
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    Continuous improvement of network availability and KPIs
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    Cost effective field operations
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    Energy Savings
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    Build local competence

Solution Delivered

Innovis has never missed any key SLA since beginning of the contract

More than 99.8% network availability achieved month on month.

Innovis rendered Managed Services for the client?s 6000 sites spread across the expanse of Myanmar. Our reliable on-going maintenance ensured 24 x 7 x 365 network availability and ensured that the client?s network was continually supported with the necessary spares.

Innovis?s Maintenance Services encompassed active and passive infrastructure items such as RAN and MW equipment, Diesel Generator, Batteries, Power plant and SMPs, Electrical items and structures and civil structures.

Innovis?s Repair and Return service helped manage all hardware repairs or replacement services swiftly to maximize the client?s system availability and minimized any potential loss of revenue.

Innovis provided total operations and maintenance solutions encompassing:

  • Preventive Maintenance:- Innovis provided preventive maintenance that is a combination of all actions in a network to prevent and detect failures early on. It was carried out on a periodic basis for all equipments that composed the client?s network.
  • On-call Corrective Maintenance:-
    Corrective maintenance restored the functionality of network elements and removed the cause of failures according to service-level agreements. Corrective maintenance activities were initiated either by the Call Management system at the Technical help-desk as a result of an end user complaint.

Value delivered

  • Innovis Global FLM standardization and experience lead to FLM process optimization and efficiency improvement.
  • Innovis took over the day-to-day network maintenance activities leaving the customer to focus on its core business and customer-facing activities such as sales and marketing, provisioning and customer service.
  • Innovis?s strong local presence and understanding of local network issues allowed it to cash in on the local advantage, which translated to reduced operating costs for the customer due to reduced internal engineering focus on availability issues and fixed support costs.
  • Innovis reliable operations and maintenance services translated to improved system availability coupled with less downtime and faster replacement of faulty modules for the end customer.