Network Benchmarking and Optimization for Smartfren Indonesia

Client and the Background

  • Smartfren is one of the leading mobile operators in Indonesia.
  • They operate 4G LTE network at present after shifting from CDMA.
  • Smartfren has been awarded a license to offer nationwide LTE services in Indonesia.
  • Before starting the LTE roll-out of 7000 sites, they want to –
    • Verify the quality and customer perception of their existing CDMA Network
    • Optimize the CDMA network to deliver better quality to their end customers
    • Scan the LTE frequency band for potential sources of interference

Objective of Innovis Engagement

  • Perform a thorough Drive Test of the network across 10 cities in Indonesia to gather CDMA network quality data.
  • Scan the LTE frequency spectrum to identify sources of interference.
  • Present a detailed report to Smartfren Management on
    • Present network quality of CDMA network
    • Benchmarking Smarfren network against their major competitors in Indonesia
    • Smartfren?s network quality position in a global network quality framework
    • Detailed methodology for optimizing the network
    • Sources of interference in LTE frequency spectrum
  • Seek approval of Smartfren management on the network optimization methodology.
  • Optimize the CDMA Network as agreed with Smartfren.
  • Perform a drive test once again to showcase improvement in network quality to Smartfren.

Innovis Approach

Data Capture

  • Innovis? network optimization experts studied various periodic reports of Smartfren?s network quality and customer complaints.
  • Interviewed key people from Smartfren organisation to understand key bottlenecks in the network and geographical areas of customer complaints.
  • We deployed multiple drive test teams to collect data from 10 largest cities of Indonesia.
  • Tools used ?
    • Drive Testing (DT) ? XCAL P8+
    • DT Data Processing and Analysis ? XCAL
    • Frequency Interference ? Rhode & Schwartz Frequency Scanner
    • RAN, Core, Transmission and IP Data ? NMS of respective vendors
  • Innovis? RAN, Core, Transmission and IP experts collected NMS data to analyse bottlenecks at various interfaces in the CDMA Network.

Data Analysis

  • Checked the accuracy of reporting by the vendors by comparing with raw data from network management system.
  • Analysed NMS data for Radio, Core, Transmission and IP.
  • Processed and analysed drive test data using Actix post processing tool.

Network Improvement

  • Based on data analysis, we reported various improvement areas to Smartfren, most of which were approved by the management for implementation
  • The recommendations were implemented by Innovis? field teams.
  • After the implementation of recommendations, 2nd drive test was conducted to showcase the improved network quality.

The Outcome

  • Most of the network improvement recommendations were accepted and implemented by the management of Smartfren.
  • The second drive test showed improved network quality after the recommendations were implemented.