Network Quality Improvement and Operations Excellence for Axis Telecom Indonesia

Client and the Background

  • Axis Telecom (now acquired by Axiata) was one of the top 5 mobile operators in Indonesia at the time of this engagement.
  • They operate GSM and 3G / HSPA services
  • They have supply contracts with 3 OEMs for cellular equipment and Managed Services contracts with 2 OEMs.
  • Network quality is not up to operator’s expectations though the periodic reports from the MS vendors show good statistics, the response from vendors is slow and the operator has a large operations organisation (means high cost).

Objective of Innovis Engagement

  • To conduct a thorough audit of ?
    • People ? on operator’s side as well MS vendor side. Dive into the organisation structure, head-counts and do skill assessment
    • Processes ? dive deep into the processes as articulated on paper and the actual implementation of the same.
    • Tools ? deployed for network monitoring, alarm analysis, co-relation, work force management, asset tracking etc.
  • Make recommendations to the board of directors based on the outcome of the above audit.

Innovis Approach

Data Capture

  • Studying the contract documents, periodic reports
  • Capturing data from NMS (Radio, Core and Transmission parameters) and NOC (Alarms and trouble tickets)
  • Interviewing key people from operators and MS vendors’ organisation.
  • Field audit by visiting sites to check the quality of maintenance

Gap Analysis

  • Checked the accuracy of reporting by the vendors by comparing with raw data from network management system.
  • Performed skill gap assessment of key personnel in operator as well as vendors’ organisations.
  • Closely monitored the working of Network Operations Centre (NOC) for process compliance.
  • Audited the sub-contractors through field visits for proper tools, training and process compliance.
  • Based on the gap analysis, we made more than 20 major recommendations for changes in people, processes and tools.

The Outcome

  • Most of the recommendations were accepted and implemented by the board of directors of the operator.
  • Due to improvement in accuracy of reporting, the network quality showed temporary degradation, which was acted upon as needed. Actual network quality improved in terms of user experience.
  • Process compliance improved drastically on vendors? side.
  • Major changes were made in the way network quality is reported.
  • One of the vendors changed most of the top layer of their operations organisation.