Network Optimization, Program management and competence development for MPT Myanmar

Introduction and Background

Myanmar Posts and Telecommunications and KDDI Summit Global Myanmar Company Limited, a company with its principal office in Yangon called ?MPT/KSGM?, are the leading operator of mobile telecommunications services in Myanmar.

As part of its efforts to continually improve user experience and network quality, MPT/KSGM, selected Innovis for Program Management of RAN Optimization Services covering all existing 2G, 3G and 4G networks across the nation’s 18 regions. Approximate number of on-air physical sites till end of year 2018 are around 8000. Some or all of GSM 900 MHz, UMTS 900 MHz, UMTS 2100 MHz, LTE 2100 MHz and LTE 1800 MHz cells are co-located in all sites. Total number of cells is currently more than 100,000.

Objective of Innovis Engagement

  • Include all tasks and responsibilities for improving Radio Network performance and User Experience.
  • Include all tasks and responsibilities concerning User Complaint Resolution, New Software Features, Special Event Support and Smartphone Analysis.
  • Provide superior user experience and achieve target network KPIs (Key Performance Indicators) by taking all necessary actions. Different sets of target KPIs are specified according to the priority of different locations.
  • Target KPIs include both Drive/Walk Test KPIs and OSS KPIs.
  • Vendor performance evaluation.
  • Provide support for geo-location and SON.
  • Competence Development through structured workshops.
  • On the job Competence Assessment.
  • Ongoing Competence Assessment

Innovis Approach

Improved quality of delivery by Vendor Governance

NW performance improvement by Steering NW Optimization

Regular review to improve Database Consistency

Vendor Management

  • Innovis program management regularly audited the quarterly reports of vendors and ensured target KPIs are met.
    Implemented new KPI formulas and NW performance measurement is standardized for vendors.
  • City level KPI dashboard publishing for all tier 1 cities. This helps MPT to monitor the NW performance at city level.
  • Standardization of quarterly reports in line with MPT requirements was done.
  • Worst cells + KPI target not meeting cell identification.
  • Supported for closure of VIP customer complaints + weekly HVC complaints.
  • High number of complaint TSP/sites identified and shared to the MPT & vendors. Further optimization actions started for health check-up and optimization.
  • Report rejection rate reduced by 30%
  • Overall CS traffic (Erl) is improved by 4.8% and PS traffic (GB) improved by 4.73%
  • Worst cells optimization was performed
  • Customer complaint closure and improved customer experience

Network Optimization

  • Steered network KPIs optimization
  • OSS KPIs health check, VSAT sites bandwidth up-gradation KPI governance
  • Identification for removal of extra power license-UMTS
  • LTE low throughput cell optimization
  • Border city optimization, border city GU re-farming
  • Significant improvement in KPIs
  • GSM – CS-CSSR improved, TCH drop rate improved, SDCCH drop rate improved
  • UMTS – CS-CSSR improved, PS-CSSR improved, CS drop call rate improved
  • LTE – IFHO success rate improved from 96.3 % to 98.3%

Data Consistency

  • Baseline parameters standardization
  • Baseline parameters audit and discrepancy removal
  • Audit for features
  • Audit for EP database and complaint tracker
  • Baseline parameter finalization
  • Network baseline parameter audit
  • Power license upgradation
  • This helps MPT to streamline the audit and control the main parameters in network.
  • This ensures all new sites will have parameter consistency.
  • Innovis team performed the regular audit (manually) of data which resulted in improved accuracy.

Skill Transfer

Technical Skills Enhancement by Classroom Trainings

Coaching through OJTs

Mentoring by Daily Interactions

  • Structured workshop with professionally prepared contents in-line to subject
  • Interactive sessions for better skill transfer
  • Pre & posttest to gauge the learning from trainings
Coaching through OJTs
  • Coaching for practical NW optimization cases
  • Interaction based sessions
  • Detailed insights for day to day work assignments
  • Addressing all the queries of the team

Personal Mentoring

Innovis team is mentoring to MPT Opti team for the following:

  • Mentoring for DT reports checking (customer complaints/border city/quarterly reports)
  • Mentoring for CR validation/optimization
  • Special optimization requests (PID/HVC complaints)
  • Vendor governance (regular governance/in-house ZTE team governance)
  • Technical knowledge enhancement
  • More awareness for practical scenarios in the network
  • Study materials can be referred later on for knowledge brush-up
  • More exposure for learning the NW optimization
  • Confidence building for technical decisions
  • More insights related to MPT NW?s actual situations
  • Learning of teamwork