Competitive benchmarking (MPT, Ooredoo, Telenor, Mytel), Myanmar

Introduction and Background

Myanmar Posts and Telecommunications and KDDI Summit Global Myanmar Company Limited, a company with its principal office in Yangon called ?MPT/KSGM?, are the leading operator of mobile telecommunications services in Myanmar.

As part of MPTs efforts to continually improve user experience and network quality, MPT/KSGM, selected Innovis for Benchmarking Service covering cities, towns, points of Interest and roads across the nation’s 18 regions.

User experience over four nationwide mobile networks (MPT, Telenor Myanmar, Ooredoo Myanmar and Mytel) shall be benchmarked by drive testing and walk testing.

Project Requirement

  • Various Test cases for all 4 operators ? voice, data, video streaming
  • Test phones that can support VoLTE, LTE 4×4 MIMO and LTE CA (Carrier Aggregation)
  • All test devices shall support at least, but not limited to, GSM900, UMTS900, LTE900, UMT2100, LTE2100 and LTE1800 systems.
  • Cluster benchmarking reports of various KPIs and plots.
  • RF Analysis report
  • Comparison Analysis

Tools used by Innovis

1. Professional Benchmarking Tool - Accuver XCAL MO III with 30 UEs


  • Professional benchmarking test kit compatible with latest UEs
  • Capable of testing with 30 UE at the same time
  • Compatible to add scanner
  • Capable to capture MOS score for voice (M to M)
  • Capable to test different use cases for network data performance evaluation

2. Post Processing ? Actix


  • Processing of all test results to provide real time performance evaluation
  • Detailed reports to analyze the network strengths and weaknesses

3. Handset - Samsung S8 and higher version

4. Walk Test Kit ? TEMs Pocket 20

Innovis Approach

  • After the towns/cities and the specific benchmarking parameters to be measured had been agreed with MPT, Innovis conducted the drive tests and collected the relevant data.
  • Data was analysed by Innovis? experts using state of the art tools. Based on their analysis, a comprehensive benchmarking report was generated for each city.
  • Key network parameters for each operator were benchmarked against requirements of license conditions.
  • Analysis reports were prepared as per agreed format with MPT.

Benefits to MPT

Network Enhancement
  • Technological advancement comparison with other operators
  • Future readiness evaluation w.r.t. competitors
Network Strength and Weakness
  • Perfect view of strength and fragile areas of NW w.r.t. the competitors
  • NW performance evaluation and finding areas of improvement
  • NW layer strategy/parameter comparison w.r.t the competitors
End User Experience
  • Real time end-user experience capturing for all Operators
  • Tests aligned to actual user use cases
  • All test scenarios run at same time for all Operators