Our Quality Promise

Innovis Telecom Services create one of the best experiences for our customers by ensuring top quality service. We provide excellent program management and top tier training to our employees which leads to industry-leading performance in the field. With industry leading metrics and Service Level Agreement (SLA) performance, we provide outstanding service, fast response time and impeccable problem resolution that our customers deserve.

Innovis is ISO 9001:2015 and OHAS 14001:2018

Quality assurance practices

In conducting business we follow the description of our quality assurance process ? ?Dependable quality and service? ? these are the tangible effects of our commitment to service delivery excellence. Our processes and procedures reflect our central philosophy to ensure total satisfaction and provide superior quality at a fair price.

Innovis has an overriding commitment to

  1. the quality of service delivered to our clients. Quality is recognized as a fundamental component of the value clients receive from Innovis.
  2. the goal of achieving total client satisfaction and exceeding client requirements.
  3. establishing objectives and using measurements to drive continual improvement in quality and in client satisfaction. All Innovis employees are expected to contribute to continual improvement as an integral part of our quality management system.

Continuous process improvement

We approach client satisfaction by understanding our clients? expectations. We work from a continuous improvement framework that gathers input and feedback from our clients to drive our business. Action within this framework is focused on what it takes to meet and exceed client expectations. Innovis Executives, working with the key client contacts, formulate objectives to be achieved by way of training delivery. At an individual client level, we actively work throughout the year to understand and incorporate their expectations into our training content. We monitor our progress toward meeting these objectives and expectations directly with our customers through our Monthly Service Review Meetings. Progress toward meeting these objectives is also reviewed internally by our management on a monthly and quarterly basis.

These reviews provide us and our customers a mechanism to:

  • Share attitudes and perceptions of the relationship and our performance
  • Enable continuous improvement through action plans and management involvement
  • Identify client priorities so that our strategic goals are based on quality and total client satisfaction.

The satisfaction survey covers six key dimensions of service performance:

  1. Relationship: The relationship and trust established between the client and Innovis in which we regard the client?s success as our success.
  2. Responsiveness: Our reaction and follow-through to the client?s questions, requests, and suggestions.
  3. Support: Our ability to provide qualified trainers to satisfy the client?s needs.
  4. Skills: Our company?s depth of technical knowledge, understanding of the client?s industry and business, which results in professionalism.
  5. Quality of Service: The degree to which we meet contractual and measurement terms and conditions, and any other promises or commitments made.
  6. Value: The client?s perception of the quantity and quality of services and innovative thinking received from Innovis that leads to real business results for the investment of time, effort, and money. During the survey, clients discuss issues that are important to our meeting or exceeding their expectations. Any gaps between expectation and satisfaction ratings are probed to reveal areas where we can improve services or highlight areas where we are doing well. The numeric ratings are based on a scale with sufficient granularity to denote progress.

Innovis continually sets high internal client satisfaction targets for individual accounts as well as aggregate average from the executive surveys across our customers. Comments and trend data are analyzed to determine dominant issues and key strengths, which are then communicated throughout our company.

Internal quality measures

Innovis is committed to continuous improvement. Our customers benefit from the consistency afforded by our internal quality assurance programs, ensuring a client-focused environment.

Our internal quality measures include:

  • Process and personnel performance analysis programs instituted at all levels of the company. Further, we conduct internal assessments of our trainers by inspecting training delivery to ascertain improvements that positively impact Innovis.
  • Client satisfaction programs that empower Innovis employees to meet client needs, rewarding actions that build strong client relationships.
  • An industry-specific organizational structure that centralizes industry knowledge and technical expertise of Innovis. We also organize our technical resources based on their strength of the technology domain.
  • Train the Trainer Program for our trainers. Our technical personnel receive extensive education, training and qualification to continuously update their product knowledge and technical and customer relationship skills.

Quality Certificates